My Robot Sex Toy (Screenplay)


FRANKLIN, a writer for hip, glossy men’s magazines in Manhattan, purchases a robot sex toy after a series of failed relationships.  ASHLEY, the most modern and advanced synthetic human available, is not only a shockingly convincing replica of a human female, but being modeled after NY runway models, she is stunningly beautiful.

Initially she seems to be every man’s dream: Gorgeous, she loves having sex, yet doesn’t complain, cry, or expect flowers.  Ever.  To top it off, she is programmed as a massage therapist and can learn to cook and do chores.  However, being a robot, she doesn’t talk and has zero personality.

Before long, Franklin starts to tire of her.  

He decides to give her a personality “upgrade” to make her more congenial and a better conversationalist.  The upgrade works.  Ashley starts to learn to be more social, more engaging, and develops a child-like curiosity about the world.  As she becomes more like a real woman, Franklin starts to fall in love.  But as her personality evolves she starts to develop emotions; she starts to require the kind of attention all humans require.  She wants to be loved, cared for and worse—she starts to expect flowers.   She cries.  She has tantrums.  She begins to become the kind of thing he was trying to escape—a responsibility. 

Twist ending.


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