Super AlphaKill 666 (Screenplay)


This is the story of Gary, a shell-shocked veteran wrestling with schizophrenia, addicted to sugar and anti-depressants and his dog, Bubbles. Gary, a career dog-hater, is forced by his shrink, Dr. Oberman, to adopt a “therapy dog” as an exercise in forced empathy. Hating dogs, Gary decides to adopt a sickly old dog, on the verge of death; at Rescue Village he selects “Bubbles”, a decrepit old Miniature Doberman. Unfortunately, Bubbles captures Gary’s heart, and Gary falls head over heals in love with the disgusting mutt. While shopping for Doggie Diapers in Petsmart, he meets a potential love interest, Sylvia, who is a hippy/activist. Gary hates hippies but finds it hard not be attracted to her. 

In an effort to more fully understand and communicate with Bubbles, Gary goes to a pet psychic; tries to develop ESP with Bubbles, and finally, he trepanates the dog, and then, himself. Trepanation is the oldest surgical procedure known to man, and it is purported to open a door to higher consciousness by relieving pressure in the brain cavity and increasing blood flow. It involves drilling a hole in the skull. Unfortunately, it is difficult procedure to perform on one’s self, and Gary accidentally loses control of the drill. At this point, Gary wakes up, as though from a bad dream, and finds himself in a beautiful house with his beautiful wife. But it soon becomes apparent that he has entered a portal into another dimension, or generated a hallucination as a result of the drill injury, as he ends up back in his crappy apartment.

As Gary wrestles with the meaning of this alternate world the idea begins to form that there are other forces at play; secret forces that are controlling Gary, manipulating his thoughts, and may be the source of Bubbles’ anthropomorphization, and Gary’s paranoid drive to destruction. Gary is heading toward some singularity—“The Operation” and it involves firearms, explosives, secret agents and talking penguins. But could it be that the underlying conspiracy will be undone by the very elements that are driving Gary to his final purpose? And which of these elements are actually real?