Saturn Particle Rampage (Screenplay)


A comet collides with Saturn sending a plume of magnetically charged particles drifting through the solar system towards the sun. As the particles hit Earth’s atmosphere they create a wave of radiation that washes down and turns any and all adult humans into crazed, murderous, lunatics, bent on eating the flesh of the non-infected. 

Jason Todd, Micco Jimenez, Madison Wriggley, and their friends are in 7th grade homeroom when the first wave of radiation strikes the Earth, and the teachers and faculty of Peppermill Chase Junior High School are first knocked unconscious only to then awaken as bloodthirsty savages. 

Using quick-wits, fast feet, and intelligence, the kids battle for their lives in the halls and classrooms as the people who were once their guardians and caregivers and role models—gym coach, school nurse, art teacher--now want nothing more than to eat them. When they come across the school security guard’s cache of guns, the kids use their highly tuned first-person-shooter-skills to use to neutralize the “enemy.” 


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